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Who are we?

We are a team of 2 pentesters, 1 javascript programmer and 1 copywriter / webmaster

We specialize in creating games applications for these games on the computer as well as those for mobile devices. Generators created by us will accompany you in the game and help you.

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This application is great for Dayz, in 5 minutes I added aimbot, unlimited ammo, no recoil, god mode, ESP and speed hack to my account. THX ZH!




I like this service and watched it. Currently I used one application released by this team, Splatoon hack, and I like it that you give so many options to your generators!

Hack for Games

The subject matter of gaming support applications is not alien to us, we are a team created for this purpose and it is our mission to help you gain the most important raw materials or currency in your favorite game. Perhaps you ask yourself how do we select the games we want to make hackles for?

The choice of games for which we will create a generator is quite simple and in our algorithm it looks like this:

We look at the number of people who sent us a request to create an application for a given game. People contact us 87% by e-mail, so we don’t have to keep statistics too long. We then arrange a meeting of our team and simply act for the benefit of our users.

We have been sitting on some titles for quite a long time, but we try to make sure that our generators are of the highest quality and we release them only after they have passed our checklist. In addition to generator optimization for the release of hack for games, we take 10 people from each player list who have asked us for help and give them ready beta applications for testing, and they suggest to us what else we could fine-tune to make it as functional as possible.

What are your benefits?

Instead of spending long hours before the game and wondering where to take a huge amount of a given currency, just start to live and enjoy your game. Now, instead of thinking about this fact you will have this currency after a few minutes of generating and then you should think in your mind how I’m going to spend it! It is one of the very positive ones, therefore we note this as an advantage for you.

What would a website be created without thinking about the benefits for its team?

As we have already stated above, our mission is based on helping players and positive feedback from your side we are very happy, but also the movement that we can achieve by attracting more players to our site is very satisfactory. That’s why we have a request to you – pass on to your friends who play a particular game about the application you have released, it strengthens us in the same way as statistics showing more and more visits to our website.

Use our generators and enjoy the game.

Game guides are one thing but here the road is definitely shorter, easier and more accurate – it meets your goals. Are you wondering how to use our generators? That is very simple.
Once you have downloaded from a particular subpage of the game, all you need to do is to press the Check button and the program searches your operating system for the game itself. Of course, if you want to do it on the android emulator or other operating system, it is important that it is enabled at the moment of application operation! The next step is to select the amount of raw materials to be added to your account, choose additional options and select the anti-ban system, which is extremely important, thanks to it your account is secure and it is not possible to detect it by the game systems. The next step is to click on the „Start” button. Depending on the power of your device, the application will fire out and add the amount of raw materials you choose to the game server and activate the selected options. The whole process, even on very weak devices, will take about two to three minutes and then you can check your account status in the game!